Debbie Dean
 Clay Rabbit & Cordon Bleu Pottery

Woodland, Washington USA

Hand-painted Folk Art Themes
High-Fire Stoneware for the Home & Garden

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How To Order

Before you order, be sure to see if there is a store carrying our pottery located near you... there's nothing like touching before you buy and you'll save shipping costs from us to you!  If there is no one close to you order from us...

Ordering our pottery is easy!

1. Use the photo archive or motifs pages to help identify which items you wish to purchase.

2. Make a note of the archive page name and photo number to reference your selection.

3. Refer to our Price List page for prices on your selections.

3. Contact us either by email or telephone.

5. Be sure to give us your mailing address. We use UPS so post office box numbers won't work.

6. If your item is in stock, we will ship within one week.

7. All Special orders are pre-paid and can not be cancelled.

8. All orders are taken on a first come, first served basis.  Stock and production is limited.

That's all there is to it!

   205 Nevala Road  Woodland, Washington  98674
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